Poeta Diaz Castro

Spanish literature simply refers to literature written through the use of Spanish language. This literature incorporates drama, prose, and Spanish poetry. The literature goes into the entire region that is known as the present day Spain. The development of the literature coincides with many other traditions of literature from a similar territory. This is mainly the Catalan literature, Iberian Peninsula, and Galician literature. Spanish American literature is a critical part of Spanish literature having distinct characteristics that date back to the earl years when Spaniards were trying to conquer Americans. Further, the Iberian Peninsula was captured by the Roman soldiers and this conquest led to the introduction of Latin culture in many Spanish speaking regions. Once the Muslim invaders arrived, they came with diverse cultures from the Far East and Middle.

The contemporary literary works of famous poets and literature gurus has affected greatly the way people relate with each other. If you read through the article you will find that Spain has produced an array of great poets who have significantly shaped the literature world. A skim through the article will reveal great names which you can associate with. Some of the great Spanish poets included in the article include Pablo Neruda, Paz Octavio, Borges Jorge Luis, Mistral Gabriela, and Augustine Delmira.

There are great literature works that you will find in the article which were written in Spain. Explore the article to discover that the great works which Spain giants of literature have developed over the years. Fernando de Rojas developed La Celestina. Other Spanish writers who are credited with developing various literature works include Gaspar de Jovellanos and Garcilaso de la Vega. The most remarkable and memorable writer who produced Spanish work that influenced western culture was none other than Don Quixonte. However, of all the poets from Spain, one who stands out from the article was Miguel Hernandez. He is credited with writing in spite of the Spanish Civil War whose impact on Spanish writing was devastating and dismal.

Some of the works which were developed by Spanish writers and other poets has been translated. However, before you embark on translating or findingtranslation sites for any poem that is challenging to understand, make sure that you have done enough research so that the translation may meet international standards. Translation of any literature work can only be done a nationality of the language which you seek to have a translation.