Contemporary Spanish Poets And How Their Works Compare With The Old

Spain has witnessed several poets who have written some astounding and meaningful poems across the ages. You can explore the Contemporary Spanish Poetries to know about the Spanish culture. The early days saw poems that were more associated with daily living in Spain while many modern poets began to write poems on the cultural and historical front as well. Some of the famous Spanish poets and their highlighted works are as follows

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1. Carlos Bousono

He is a renowned Spanish poet who is known for some excellent literary works. Most of his writings, poems were closely associated with the post-Spanish Civil war. His famous publication included the ‘Teoria de la expresion poetica’ that means ‘The Theory of poetic expression). The highlight of this is that the mystical secrets of the poems were analyzed. His poems covered the genres of misery, happiness, the period of war, expressing the situations of the post-Spanish war. His works were considered to be more attractive, precise when compared with the older Spanish poems from the early 13th century.

Antonio_Machado 1

2. Antonio Machado

He is considered to be one of the best Spanish contemporary Spanish poets to be an inspirational figure in the renowned Spanish literary movement. This impulsive movement was known as the ‘Generation of ‘98. Through his poems, Antonio was successful in conveying the ancient powerful wisdom about life to people across the world. He had a very famous saying ‘the two Spains’ meaning the one that dies and the one that yawns indicating the political divisions that were the causes of the Civil war. Compared to the old Spanish Poems, his works concentrated more on the political and civilian life of the country

Luis De Gongora

3. Luis De Gongora

He was a well-known Spanish Baroque lyric poet known for his diverse nature of Spanish poems. He followed a very unique style of Gongorismo which was liked by many people all over the world. He turned out to be the first poet to compose and write poems that would imitate the speech of blacks. Enriching the Spanish language with power and beauty was his chief goal through his works. In contrary to the older Spanish works, in all his poems he ensures that the obscure or the less commonly used words are repeatedly used.